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Help Crowd Fund Gay Cinema

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Image from 'Is It Just Me?' Image from 'Is It Just Me?'

Cinema175, the production company behind the award-winning films 'Is It Just Me?' and 'eCupid', and hit web series Steam Room Stories, has launched an Indiegogo campaign for their new movie 'The 10 Year Plan'.

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The 10 Year Plan is a classic romantic comedy that tells the story of Myles and Brody – two friends who make a pact to be together if neither finds love in ten years’ time. Two months shy of their deadline, both friends try to avoid ending up as each other’s last resort. The film is written and directed by Cinema175’s JC Calciano.

The Indiegogo campaign aims to raise $25,000 in order to hire the sexy cast and talented crew to make the movie. 

Talking about why Cinema175 are using Indiegogo to fund the film, JC explains, “My partner, Matt Solari, and I are actually financing the majority of the film from our own savings. We love this story and are willing to work for free to get it made, but we want to get a really great (and sexy) cast. That’s why we’re reaching out to fans, friends and lovers of independent movies to help us make up the difference between what money we have and what money we need.”

Through the platform Cinema175 is offering a selection of perks ensuring that every contributor, no matter how generous, is given something in return. These range from advance copies of The 10 Year Plan script through to an executive producer credit on the movie and everything in between. A full list of rewards is available at

The Indiegogo campaign is live until November 12th 2013.

Founded in 2009, Cinema175 launched with the feature film, Is It Just Me? This romantic comedy played over 50 film festivals internationally, won multiple best picture awards and became the #1 selling gay title for TLA Releasing for 2010, Is It Just Me? set a new benchmark for gay indie cinema.



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